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Simple ways to repurpose content – tips for marketers

You’ve spent hours, days, and perhaps weeks crafting a marketing campaign that speaks to your core audience and generates a solid ROI. After beavering away, it would be a shame – and unnecessary – to stuff it in the metaphorical drawer and leave it to gather dust in favour of something new, but not measurably better. 

Then again, it isn’t always immediately obvious how you can repackage a campaign to make it seem fresh and exciting. However, there are numerous avenues to explore – let’s take a look at a few now.

  • Adjust content for different channels – for example, a successful email campaign could easily be adjusted into a social media post and various forms of advertising, including display ads and print marketing.
  • Reuse successful elements in new campaigns. Just because your audience needs fresh content to stay interested, it doesn’t mean you can’t choose specific elements that worked well in previous campaigns to act as a framework or base for your new material. Think design, tone, layout, subject lines and anything else that got results.
  • Try pay-per-click advertising for display ads that worked well to boost ROI.
  • Repackage your offering using campaign content to design everything from how-to workshops (in-person or online) to events, webinars and courses. 
  • Look for similar audiences by moving your creative to different places. For example, an offer or an ad that worked well on a popular website might also garner interest on smaller, more niche websites that also serve your demographic.
  • New content, old channels – you may find a particular combination of approaches works well for some accounts, such as sending automated emails to follow up a direct mail campaign, including an offer. In this case, there’s no need to throw the baby out with the bath water – keep combining your channels in the same way while adjusting the content within. 
  • Create video content to support messaging and deepen your audience’s knowledge or interest in a topic, product or idea. This can be done by embedding video into social media or blog posts, hosting a livestream Q&A, or uploading informative videos to YouTube or short-form versions to TikTok. 
  • Turn data into infographics to reinforce your point without repeating yourself. Let’s say you’re an estate agent looking for vendors. Perhaps you could create a visual graphic that clearly shows the average achieved asking price compared to your local competitors or any other metric that might impress. 

Lastly, we recommend using the valuable insights about your customer base gained from previous successful campaigns to help you formulate new ones across different platforms and channels.


That way, you’ll constantly be moving forward, whether you’re creating new content from scratch, reformulating or using a combination of both.