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Get ahead of the game with our guide to marketing trends

Content marketing isn’t a static game; to keep bringing in leads, making sales and profiting from your campaigns, it’s important to move with the times. Of course, not every strategy will suit your audience or business, and there’s no need to change something if it’s working, but it can’t hurt to keep your finger on the pulse.

With that in mind, what trends should you expect to grow in the coming months? According to industry experts, there are a few key ones to look out for. 

More detailed ROI measurements

A recent report by technological research and consulting firm Gartner revealed that almost 50% of marketers struggle to measure Return On Investment (ROI) accurately. 

This is troubling at the best of times, but with the market hit by economic pressure, content producers will increasingly be required to prove their worth. Whether it’s tracking email metrics, social media engagement data, or website or blog analytics, this year’s marketers are expected to focus more on nailing down their figures. 

ABM to prove popular

ABM, or Account-Based Marketing, describes a strategy whereby a business targets specific, high-value accounts (potential customers) with tailored content designed to draw them in based on their particular attributes, interests, or needs. 

In contrast to generic content marketing, this bespoke approach efficiently warms up new leads by speaking directly to them. According to digital content platform Foleon, the ABM method can improve ROI, upselling and cross-selling rates and boost deal-close rates by 86%. Now, what brand could say no to that?

Video & voice-searchable content take centre stage

Well-timed, authentic and credible video content is an underutilised way to add a personal touch to the customer journey. Yet, with many people still working from home on a remote or hybrid basis, more of us than ever are turning to video to learn new skills, solve problems, and break up the monotony of spending time in one’s own company. So, you could be leaving money on the table if you’re not using original, high-quality visual content, such as how-to, explainer, and real-life testimonial videos.

Our tech-rich home and work environments also lend themselves to searching for content by interacting with voice-activated AI, such as Google, Siri or Alexa. As the popularity of these devices increases, more people will skip typing when looking for information. For this reason, content optimised for voice search (by including longer search phrases and questions written in simple language) should get more attention.

To conclude, 2024 looks set to move away from broad, one-size-fits-all marketing in favour of targeted content that’s carefully tracked to boost profits and improve market share. By continually investing in developing the skillset of your marketing team, your business is more likely to come out ahead by the year’s end.


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