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Email marketing – timing is everything…or is it?

Almost everyone hangs out in their inboxes – often several times a day – which is why a well-executed email marketing strategy can snowball your business to success. 

Other than producing excellent content that captures your audience’s minds and hearts (or at least gives them something useful), sending it to your subscribers at a specific time is often cited as a sure-fire way to get more eyeballs on your emails. 

However, some industry experts dispute this claim. Let’s put this into a different context – have you ever ended up sitting in a traffic jam during the holiday season because everyone else had the same brilliant idea of leaving early to avoid rush hour?

You run the same risk by following cookie-cutter advice about the exact time of day to send your emails – or post on social media. If everyone releases their immaculately crafted content into the world in one go, your ship will likely get lost in the armada. 

Think about it from the other side for a moment. Most of us are subscribers ourselves, and even if we eagerly anticipate hearing from certain brands, we often feel overwhelmed by spotting a barrage of notifications on our phones or a long list of unopened emails. Frankly, it’s easier to ignore them altogether or delete them en masse.  

Once you factor in consumer psychology, the benefits of tailoring content to industry-specified times linked to quantity rather than quality of audience attention can dissipate entirely. So, what’s the alternative? Implementing the tips below should help your content stand out from the crowd. 

  • Analyse metrics such as open rates and click-throughs to understand how your unique subscribers react to emails sent at various times on different days. 
  • Segment timings based on the results so you can easily send your content to each group of subscribers when they’re most responsive. 
  • Respond to changing behaviour by frequently reviewing your metrics and refreshing your segmentation so your strategy evolves with your customers.

Have you ever heard the adage, ‘Slow down; we’re in a hurry’? Simply put, it means taking time to do things right to ensure efficiency and ultimate success. With that in mind, remember to ramp up email volume gradually to avoid triggering spam filters once you’re armed with the metrics that work for you.


Time to get started!


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