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Why blogs still matter – and how to find ideas

Why blogs still matter – and how to find ideas


Blogs are a surefire way of establishing your business as an authority, building brand awareness, and gaining the trust of your ideal customer. Around nine out of ten businesses use them, resulting in millions of new posts every month.


Of course, there’s a lot of competition in the online space, so if your blogging efforts are going to fuel your marketing strategy, you should focus on your customers’ needs when creating your long-term content plan.


By understanding your audience, you can give them the information they want. However, to get their attention, you must incorporate solid SEO practices, such as honing in on high-traffic, low-competition keywords and making your copy engaging and easy to read.  


Building a successful blog takes time and a fair dose of creativity. If you find yourself stumped for ideas, consider these six sources of inspiration:

  1. Type relevant topics into Google (paying attention to auto-complete suggestions and ‘People Also Ask’ questions)
  2. Use Google Trends to compare topic options
  3. Scour social media – and Quora – for hot topics in your niche
  4. Ask ChatGPT for prompts
  5. Take advantage of SEMrush’s content ideas generator to see what’s trending
  6. Think about upcoming events and festivals for time-sensitive content

Ideally, you should collate a bank of ideas to ensure you’re always a few blog posts ahead. An editorial calendar will help you plan and manage the delivery of your marketing strategy, which should make the process smoother. Good luck!