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The latest Facebook Messenger stats – and why you should get involved

The latest Facebook Messenger stats – and why you should get involved 
Most of us have the Messenger app on our phones, and the world sends 100 billion messages through Facebook’s communication apps every single day.

Although we tend to think of Messenger as a way to chat with friends and family for free, it’s also a powerful marketing and lead-generation tool in its own right. It has 1.3 billion users, with 500,000 more people joining the platform daily – creating a massive opportunity for savvy marketers to tap into this vast pool of potential consumers.


At the very least, these stats should encourage businesses to make themselves contactable via the platform for marketing and customer support. Don’t think you have time to respond to Messenger enquiries? Well, over 300,000 chatbots are currently busy answering questions and assisting customers – and they’re easy to set up, too.


Probably one of the most astonishing facts about advertising on Messenger relates to its seeming irresistibility. According to marketing guru Neil Patel, messages can achieve open rates of 88% and click-through rates of 56% – far higher than industry averages for email campaigns.


Data from Search Engine Journal also shows that Messenger ads have proven themselves 80% more effective than email ads, meaning it should be a core part of any marketing strategy. So, if you aren’t already one of the 40 million businesses actively using Facebook Messenger, 2023 is the year to consider dipping your toe in the water!