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Live Chat – Why is it so important for businesses?

Live Chat – Why is it so important for businesses?


Happy customers go a long way towards creating a successful business. These days, there are countless ways to keep your customers informed, answer their questions, and solve any service issues.


You may already talk to your audience by phone, email, or even Messenger chatbots, but adding a Live Chat option leaves more customers satisfied, with some surveys suggesting that people are significantly more likely to use a business or service in the future if they can engage with Live Chat.


There are several reasons why Live Chat is favourable to phone or email, for example. Customers love getting an instant response and multitasking while chatting, and they also appreciate having an expert available to advise them on their purchase – particularly useful if you sell several similar products.


Luckily, it’s relatively inexpensive to set up a Live Chat feature, and a quick tête-à-tête is often more efficient than a chain of emails – freeing up time for your service team. Smoothing the path for your customers also gives you a competitive advantage; let’s face it, who doesn’t sometimes wish they could just talk to a human and not a robot?


Overall, Live Chat can make a real difference to your bottom line. The question is, what do you have to lose?