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Should businesses use Customer Mail?

Should businesses use Customer Mail?


Did you know that 71% of consumers trust the marketing materials they receive through Customer Mail (CM) or that 85% of people open commercial mail, and 65% keep it for future reference?*


In today’s digital landscape, it’s easy to forget that there are other ways to build relationships with customers – often as effective as more ‘modern’ methods. It’s not an either-or choice; 43% of CM results in customers going online or beginning the buying journey, proving that you can use one method to complement another.


However, that doesn’t mean your business should resort to bog-standard templates, dry and uninspiring content, or generic offers just because you’re falling back on a traditional marketing method. Far from it!


Today, the average consumer is regularly bombarded with information from media, online platforms, inboxes and letterboxes. To get noticed, your marketing should focus on adding value to your customers in a way they’re happy and even excited to engage with.


For example, your marketing team could create materials written in your brand’s voice, even if the subject is rather dull, such as updated terms and conditions. When you’re using CM to boost customer engagement CM, you should also consider:

  • Using quality, beautifully designed packing to build excitement during the ‘unboxing process’
  • Showing customers how key information benefits them directly and why they should act on it now
  • Personalising the experience using first names and data from purchasing habits (think bespoke vouchers for favourite products)
  • Highlighting essential information with clear headlines and emboldening contact details
  • Making your customers feel as valued and special as possible

Creating high-quality marketing campaigns that improve customer satisfaction enhances your company’s reputation and boosts your revenue; people are four times more likely to pay a higher price for a product or service if they expect a premium experience.** What would that mean for your business?


*Data based on a report by Marketreach and Accenture

** According to Forrester’s Customer Experience Index