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Print marketing: is it still relevant in 2023?

 Print marketing: is it still relevant in 2023?

With everyone spending more time online than ever before, a sound digital marketing strategy has become the backbone of many businesses – to the point where traditional print marketing can seem outdated or even a waste of money. 


But have the likes of direct mail, glossy brochures, posters and leaflets really had it? Let’s explore some of the advantages before dismissing this long-standing form of promotion. 


Benefit 1: Brand Awareness


Unlike ads on screens, print media carries a sense of real-world permeance that can penetrate the foggy scrolling trance many of us sink into when working through our inboxes, social media feeds, and search results. Over time, it can build awareness of your brand in the minds of your target audience, making it more likely they’ll think of you first.


Benefit 2: Longer-term impact 


Think about it: it’s harder to ignore or forget about a leaflet, takeaway menu, or magazine than an email or an ad squished onto the edge of a webpage. While potential customers may not act on printed materials immediately, they’ll often store them to look at again when they need your product or service. 


Benefit 3: Engages the senses


The physicality of print allows you to control how a customer interacts with your marketing materials, giving you a chance to leave a lasting impression or do something unexpected, creative, or attention-grabbing. For example, a beautiful brochure tied to a reader’s interests is much more enjoyable to peruse than another long email.


Benefit 4: Increases Trust 


Companies that invest in well-presented printed marketing materials often have greater legitimacy in the eyes of consumers. According to Royal Mail, this is because it makes them seem more trustworthy. 


Benefit 5: Creates value


While so-called ‘snail mail’ feels old-fashioned, it can also deliver a personal touch. Your customers will likely feel more valued receiving physical vouchers for products or services they have engaged with – even if they lead them back to your website. 


Benefit 6: Feeds into actions online


After capturing an audience’s attention and interest, physical marketing materials can prompt a huge range of further actions, including signing up to a mailing list and purchasing your business’s products or services. 


As we have seen, print marketing can still have an impact in 2023, especially by building a relationship with your niche and encouraging customers to engage online, thereby feeding into your digital strategy. 


To paraphrase an old adage, don’t keep your marketing eggs in one basket. Like any form of promotion, however, it’s important to consider ways to complement your online presence and test different options to see what appeals to your market.