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How to leverage website traffic to grow your business

How to leverage website traffic to grow your business


Most companies operate online to some extent. While social media offers ways for business owners to reach new clients or customers, they ultimately own the data you collect – leaving you vulnerable to changes that negatively affect your visibility.


On the other hand, websites are akin to private real estate, allowing you to interact with your audience on your terms. However, just like owning a shop on the high street, you’ll only make a sale if you can get people through the door.


Once the customers are inside, you need to make a good first impression – not by talking about yourself, but by instantly showing them you have what they desire. Your homepage’s headline is a great way to achieve this. Focus on reflecting your visitor’s core question, need, or concern in language they understand. Then show them the solution.


Of course, to get the best results, you need a healthy amount of ‘qualified traffic’. That is, your website should turn the heads of your target audience, not random people your product or service isn’t designed to serve.


Creating highly relevant content and robust SEO practises will ensure you’ll reach the right niche organically through search engines and word-of-mouth referrals as people begin to discuss and share your content.


Once your website is primed for conversion, you can boost your traffic with a mixture of paid marketing (think Facebook and Ad Words) and social media, as well as through the organic methods mentioned above.


But how much traffic do you actually need to reach your goals?


It depends – on your overall outgoings, the revenue you need to operate at a profit, how much each customer is worth on average, and how well your website converts visitors to leads and then customers.


Once you have this data in hand, you can reverse engineer the figures to calculate how many visitors you should aim for each month. The higher quality traffic your website attracts and the better it converts, the fewer visitors you’ll require.


Overall, multi-channel marketing can boost long-term traffic, conversion rates, and revenue by drawing in warm leads across various platforms. And, of course, you can always continue to nurture your relationship with your customers by incentivising them to join your email list – something you can do effectively from your website.