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Online marketing tactics that stand the test of time

Online marketing tactics that stand the test of time


Hardly a day goes by without marketing gurus espousing the benefits of a secret strategy or a new method of boosting conversions or growing your brand. It can all seem overwhelming at best and too good to be true at worst.

But there are some basic elements that most successful business use – at least to some extent – so it makes sense to concentrate your efforts on strategies that prove themselves time and time again. 

Let’s explore some of these now. 

Build a website that works

A website is essential because it acts as the face of your business, answers your customers’ questions, and gives them an easy way to contact you. The best websites also regularly publish helpful content, such as blog posts and product reviews, and incentivise potential customers to join a mailing list or buy a product or service.

Invest in content

Businesses that generate regular, high-quality content that attracts their target audience have an easier time converting cold leads into customers or clients. We’ve already mentioned blog posts and reviews, but you could also try informative videos, podcasts, long-form articles, case studies, ebooks, how-to guides, and printables, to name a few. 

By delivering content that serves your niche’s needs, you’ll gradually establish your brand as trustworthy – after all, if the free content is good, how great must the paid stuff be? Posting SEO-friendly content on your site will also up your search engine rankings, making you easier to find. 

Grow your email list

Yes, everyone’s email inbox is overflowing, but email marketing remains one the most powerful tools for regularly capturing your audience’s attention. It also allows you to build relationships with your subscribers, who will often keep coming back for more. Of course, this is where creating and delivering high-calibre content can ensure your campaigns actually arrive in inboxes rather than spam folders. 

Advertise on social media

Even if you hate social media, you can still use data-rich platforms like Facebook to run lucrative ads that drive sales and boost brand awareness. You can also team up with influencers with large followings in your niche to promote your products or services or recruit social media ads to increase mailing list signups.

Try Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising

Most of us use search engines to find information, products, and services, but we rarely stray past the first page of results. So, to be found, businesses can pay for ads that appear above or beside the organic search results when someone types in specific keywords or phrases. However, you’ll only pay each time a browser clicks on your ad.

PPC ads are usually pretty cost-effective and can bring in sales fast. They’re also easy to tweak and test, and they’re a valuable way to help newer businesses get discovered. 

Analyse the data

Whatever marketing strategies you focus on, tracking the data and testing alternatives is the best way to improve your results. 

For example, which type of content generates the most sales or information requests for your business? How much money is the average mailing list subscriber worth to your company in a given period? Do your click-through rates change on your ads when you try a different call to action? What was the ROI of your latest PPC campaign? 

By regularly pausing to take stock, you can make informed decisions about how to grow your business further. The sky’s the limit!


If you need help with a new website, email marketing or facebook advertising can help so contact your Customer Success Manager today.