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How to boost your creative effectiveness

How to boost your creative effectiveness


In a time where content is king yet ubiquitous, it’s becoming increasingly important for your brand – and the advertising that helps build it – to stand out from the crowd. That’s where ‘creative effectiveness’ comes into play. 


Loosely defined as a process where creatives work together to form a campaign, advertisement, or message that resonates with a business’s target audience, it's level of success often depends on how well the creative utilises innovative concepts, psychology, design and storytelling to capture people’s heart and minds.  


Get it right, and not only will creative effectiveness boost your long-term revenue, but it can also catapult your brand’s reputation, thereby building trust and driving engagement. 

In fact, a recent survey by Marketing Week showed that 80.5% of marketers believe it’s often responsible for the success of any given campaign. 


The data also revealed that around two-thirds of businesses are upping the amount of attention they give creative, and it’s gaining relevance in both the B2B and B2C sectors as everyone struggles to appeal to markets inundated with choice yet operating within a tough economic framework. 


However, a broad concept such as ‘creative effectiveness’ can be difficult to measure. For example, while an advertisement may not instantly boost profits, it can contribute to longer-term growth and a general improvement in brand perception. 


One way to measure the success of your creative efforts is by seeing if you can establish that a specific ad has increased revenue while also enhancing your company’s image. If your creative builds positive associations that sets your product or service apart from your competitors due to its ability to meet the practical and emotional needs of your audience, then this scenario is more likely to occur. 


To do this, consider capitalising on the availability of automated market research platforms to pre-test ads on people who match your niche’s demographic. 


Not only is this a fast and cost-effective way of gaining feedback before you throw money at your marketing efforts, it also allows your creative team to test new ideas and take risks to gauge how your wider audience will respond. As creativity thrives in a freer environment, pre-testing could start producing results that have been eluding you so far.


Time to start brainstorming!