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Email marketing – stats and tips

Email marketing – stats and tips 


Here are a few statistics that might surprise you. 


By 2025, the world could see up to 376 billion emails sent per day.  Email campaigns can generate an astonishing 4,200% Return on Investment (Litmus).


Email campaigns remain one of the most effective marketing tools out there, with almost 80% of marketers relying on them as part of their sales strategy. *


Whichever sources you look at, email marketing proves itself as an essential way to get in front of your audience. And even though we all have full inboxes, customer surveys show that people still prefer to receive information via email and actively engage with well-targeted content. 


However, not all mailing lists are created equal; your success will largely depend on the how just as much as the what


With that in mind, here are some easy ways to boost your ROI:


  • Segment your list 

According to Campaign Monitor, breaking your list into segments based on interests, behaviours, industry etc., can boost ROI by an incredible 760%. 


  • Personalise the opening 

Campaigns that include the subscriber’s first name in the subject line and the greeting increase open rates and are more likely to hold the reader’s attention. The best part? It’s so simple to automate with your mailing list provider!


  • Optimise for mobile

Last year, almost half of all marketing emails were read on a mobile or device (Hubspot). Yet almost the same percentage of emails aren’t optimised for viewing this way, leading to frustration for the customer. So, to avoid your subscribers deleting your emails because they can’t read them, ensure you create mobile-friendly versions of every campaign you send. 


  • Set up trigger emails

Automating emails not only saves you time, it often produces better results, especially when prompted by specific trigger actions or behaviours. For example, activation-style emails help new customers who have just created an account, while reminder/win-back emails can tempt subscribers to return to an abandoned shopping basket or encourage them to renew a contract. Rewarding buying behaviours with surprise bonuses or discounts is another way to promote brand loyalty.


  • Send regular emails

When it comes to email frequency, the Goldilocks dilemma strikes again. Send too few or too many emails, and your results could dwindle. According to Litmus, the sweet spot seems to be around 9-16 emails per month. 


  • A/B test key elements

Every audience is unique, so what works for one may not work for another. That’s why you should always split-test various elements of your campaigns to see how your subscribers respond. 


Think about trying different subject lines for the same campaign, switching up the copy and call to actions, and tweaking the design. Over time, you’ll get a clearer idea about which strategies lead to better open/click-through rates and sales. 


While some of these strategies might take time to implement, the potential gains are more than worth the effort. They’ll also increase customer satisfaction and set you apart from the competition – a win-win for everyone involved. 


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