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Top tips for achieving a happy work-life balance

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happy work-life balance

With modern technology ever-increasingly blurring the lines between the different areas of our lives, it’s no wonder we all feel out of balance. Whether it’s catching up on work emails while cooking dinner or trying to squeeze in a shop during your lunch break, our to-do lists often feel endless. 


Part of the problem is that many of us – particularly women with young families, according to sociological studies – are taking on too much. One way to tackle this is by delegating communal tasks in an age-appropriate way between everyone in the household instead of taking responsibility for everything.


But even if there’s no one else to share the burden, you can still clarify the boundaries between your work and your life. Here are three top tips for regaining control of your day.


  1. Set a timeframe for calls and emails


No one is paid to work 24/7, so decide which part of your day is just for you and your family. If you want to spend the last two hours in the evening catching up on the latest series with your partner or reading a good book, log out of your email or switch your phone to do not disturb. And then leave it alone!


  1. Consider making a flexible working request


Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Depending on your employer and circumstances, you could reclaim time by making a flexible working request. Under UK law, all employees can do this if they’ve worked for the same employer for 26 weeks or more.


Although your employer doesn’t have to accept, they must deal with any request reasonably and involve you in the process. Types of flexible working include job sharing, going part-time, changing your hours around, compressing your hours over fewer days, phased retirement, or working remotely.


  1. Get help


You're probably pretty tired if you’re juggling work with running a busy household and caring responsibilities. And when you don’t have time to unwind, sleep, and stay healthy, you’re more likely to become mentally or physically unwell, which will affect your performance at home and work.


Perhaps it’s time to lighten the load by asking close family or friends for practical support, whether it’s taking the kids out while you tackle some jobs or hiring someone to deep clean the bathroom twice a month. Yes, it’s sometimes hard to admit we need help, but we all need a break sometimes.


Of course, there are many different methods and strategies to calm the chaos, but that first step is the most important. Whatever challenges you’re facing right now, you deserve to live a happy, balanced life. Remember that as you implement these tips, and the tightrope will soon widen.