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2023 video marketing trends – content versus time

2023 video marketing trends (Click to zoom)
2023 video marketing trends

Fact: video is the fourth-most popular type of online content – and its appeal to time-pressed consumers is growing. But how people engage with video content is ever-evolving.


Over the last few years, the trend has moved from longer to shorter videos as audiences become increasingly bombarded with information. If most of your videos are the corporate kind – that is, talking about you or your business – then it’s best to adhere to this rule of thumb and keep your videos under two minutes.


On the other hand, content marketing, which focuses on sharing valuable information with your customers and building a relationship with them, can be much longer. For example, if you’re showing sellers practical ways to style their home for a quick sale, they’ll stick around longer than if you’re listing your business’ achievements.


Overall, relevance is more important than length, but if your video is highly relevant to your audience’s needs and also a quick watch, that’s a bonus. For this reason, we recommend front-loading your videos so the most important information is right at the beginning. In other words, don’t bury the lead; few people will stick around to find it.


Bear in mind that every social media platform has different constraints and audiences, so you’ll have to tailor your videos accordingly. For example, while Facebook prefers videos less than 60 seconds long, three minutes upwards is good for live streaming and developing stories.


In summary, staying informed about viewing trends will help you decide on your online marketing strategy, which will determine the length and style of your videos. By following the metrics to see when people stop watching, you can continue to tweak your approach until you find a happy medium for your business.