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Three social media trends to look out for in 2024

  • Artificial Intelligence vies with human-generated content

There’s no denying that AI-generated content has exploded onto the scene, resulting in seismic shifts in the industry. The impact prompted a 550% uptick in AI-related articles and blogs, according to a review by Hootsuite.* 

However, not everyone is convinced that AI appeals to customers like an authentic human voice can. Hootsuite also discovered that baby boomers are particularly suspicious of AI content, while Gen Z embraces it more.

A similar survey shows that organisations plan to incorporate AI more for customer support and image editing, by 318% and 260%, respectively.

Overall, brands look set to bring AI into the fold, working alongside humans to create compelling content and assist customers while increasing productivity.

  • Brands narrow their focus

With most of us regularly interacting with several social media platforms, it’s increasingly difficult for businesses to meet their customers everywhere. Over half are worried about their ROI due to splitting their budget across multiple platforms, with the need to tailor content draining valuable time. 

Therefore, 2024 could see brands dropping platforms to focus on those that attract the most attention to their products and services.  

  • Customers disengage with ‘boring’ brands

As most customers use social media to relax, the best way to jump out from their feed is to give them something of value – entertainment-value, that is. Brands that can showcase their top-tier services and products while injecting exciting, interesting or inspiring content could begin dominating the market.

Whether you take advantage of these trends depends on your business and audience. For example, if your customer base engages strongly with your content across several platforms, focusing on just one probably wouldn’t make sense. 

However, everyone will be affected by the infiltration of AI and behavioural trends towards fun, engaging posts and social ads, so keep this in mind over the coming year. 

* The data in this article comes from Hootsuite Social Media Consumer 2024 Survey and Social Trends 2024 Survey